28 Total Servers
52181 Total Members
554290 Total Attacks Sent
8/38 Running Attacks
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    BootP - 3 months ago

    This week we'll be working to get our brand new re-designed layout finished for launch! Just to list some updates that are coming: brand new layout, new servers, new methods, new tools, better support & more!

    For you that have contacted us and haven't gotten anything back, I must sadly inform that our support team is overloaded and won't be able to get back to you in time. We're working on getting the issue fixed so our support can be as fast as possible.

    We'll be posting updates regarding the new Bootyou here and on our twitter @BootyouNetwork!

    That's all I have for you right now, as always thank you for using Bootyou!

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    BootP - 6 months ago

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    BootP - 7 months ago

Server Status

Name Layer Power (TN) Status
NK Layer 420 Gbps
NK 2Layer 420 Gbps
NK 3Layer 420 Gbps
GO 1 Layer 440 Gbps
GO 2 Layer 440 Gbps
GO 3 Layer 440 Gbps
NFO SPECIALLayer 440 Gbps
E3 LAGLayer 450 Gbps
LK 1Layer 460 Gbps
LK 2Layer 460 Gbps
LK 3Layer 460 Gbps
LK 4Layer 460 Gbps
LK 5Layer 460 Gbps
NR Layer 460 Gbps
NR 2Layer 460 Gbps
SMLayer 460 Gbps
SM 2Layer 460 Gbps
SLLayer 480 Gbps
SL 2Layer 480 Gbps
RLLayer 480 Gbps
ST VIPLayer 4100 Gbps
ST VIP 2Layer 4100 Gbps
SKLayer 4100 Gbps
NLLayer 4120 Gbps
NL 2Layer 4120 Gbps
BruteLayer 4200 Gbps
SN L7Layer 750K R/s
IO L7Layer 7100K R/s
ST VIP L7Layer 7150K R/s