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Support is only available through Twitter at the moment.

Other support alternatives will be back soon.

Posted 2019-09-08.


The past few days we've had some server network issues. We enabled our backup servers until we could resolve everything. I'm happy to announce that all servers are now fixed and running better than ever! But that's not all! We're also going to be adding more servers over the upcoming week! Thank you so much for your patience.

On another note, here what's coming soon:

* More Layer 4 & Layer 7 methods.
* Skrill & PaySafeCard gateway.
* Website optimization.
* New tools.
* Feedback page.
* Support update.

Thank you for being apart of Bootyou! For help & questions please contact us.

Best regards,

Bootyou team.

Posted 2019-02-04.


Recently we've had some network issues with our servers. Unfortunately the same issues are back again.

We have taken down all servers that are affected. Backup servers have been enabled until everything is resolved. Everything will be back to normal very soon.

Thank you for your patience! We will do our best to compensate you for the inconvenience caused.

Posted 2019-01-30.

Everything is fixed and back to normal!

We have also updated the servers for faster connection!

Posted 2019-01-24.

UPDATE: Issue seems to be bigger than expected, we have enabled backup servers until everything is fixed. Please don't spam these servers. Thank you for your patience.

Some servers are offline or not working properly. We're investigating right now.

Posted 2019-01-23.

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RW-1Layer 420 Gbps
RW-2Layer 420 Gbps
BW-1Layer 430 Gbps
BW-2Layer 430 Gbps
BW-3Layer 430 Gbps
BW-4Layer 430 Gbps
BW-5Layer 430 Gbps
BW-6Layer 430 Gbps
BNP-1Layer 440 Gbps
BNP-2Layer 440 Gbps
BM-1Layer 450 Gbps
BM-2Layer 450 Gbps
BM-3Layer 450 Gbps
DD-1Layer 470 Gbps
GD-1Layer 460 Gbps
IO-L7Layer 750k R/s
More servers coming soon...