API Access FAQ & Explanation!

    Question How do I purchase API Access?

    Answer: If you click here or down below, you will see packages called "API Access" click on "Purchase Now" and continue from there! After purchase you will be given & emailed instructions.

    Question Can I purchase an special API with many concurrents and seconds?

    Answer: Yes, you can purchase an API with custom specs, unlimited or limited seconds & concurrents. Contact us here for an special API.

    Question What is an API?

    Answer: An API can be used to send attacks from your own website (stresser / booter) or program (Skype, Discord, your own program).

    Question How to launch and stop an attack?available

    Answer: Usage: https://bootyou.net/api.pi?host=[host]&port=[port]&time=[time]&method=[method]&vip=[vip]&key=[key]

    Launch example: https://bootyou.net/pi.php?host=

    Stop example: http://bootyou.net/pi.php?host=

    Question Available methods for the API?

    Answer: Every method on the Attack Panel is available for usage.

    Question I need help integrating it on my website or program?

    Answer: No worries, contact us here and we will help you!

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