Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: I haven't received what I paid for what do I do!?

    Answer: Follow this form here.

    Question: What method is the strongest and what method do I use to attack a home connection?

    Answer: The strongest method is always the method that is first listed and that is the method you should use for home connections.

    Question: What do all the different methods do?

    Answer: All the different layer 4 and layer 7 methods do different stuff. Layer 4 is for connections like home connection, server connections etc. Layer 7 is for websites like This answer will be updated in the future.

    Question: What port do I use?

    Answer: Use port 80 for home connections and websites. You can also search on google if you wan't to stress something else that has a different port. Port 80 is usually open on any connection though.

    Question: How long will Bootyou be up for?

    Answer: As long as we keep making money. More money = better stresser service. With the current income we can go for another calculated 10-15 years. Yes, don't worry we're not shutting down!

    Question: Why is this so cheap?

    Answer: Because we feel as there isn't cheap legit stresser services out there. So we want to be the first one.

    Question: Can I have a custom plan or a panel?

    Answer: Sure! Contact us here and we'll help you!

    Question: Can I have a discount?

    Answer: Discounts are given out often. Keep and eye out.

    Question: Can I have a plan for free?

    Answer: No you can not. We would not earn anything on this thus forcing us to shut down.

    Question: Can I have a trial?

    Answer: Most of the time trials aren't being given out. However contact us here and ask in case trials are being given out.